Sundial is a comprehensive and scalable calendaring system providing distributed authorship, information approval workflows, mass-personalization, development interfaces, registration management, and e-commerce within a mature security model.

Before you begin to create events, you must have a Sundial account. To request an account, email askcuit@columbia.edu or your school or department's local Sundial administrator. Once you have received confirmation that your account has been created, you can login to Sundial with your UNI and password.

Sundial support is available through the CUIT Helpdesk beginning July 13, 2009.  Support requests will be attended to as quickly as possible, but please allow at least 1 business day before following up on your request.

Supported Browsers are: Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 5+, Safari 1+, Chrome
However, Sundial works best in Mozilla Firefox.


Downloadable User Guides and Documents

Please note that these versions are not updated as frequently as the content on this website.

-User Manual (updated 3/2009) Word/PDF
-Delegated Administration Manual (updated 3/2008) Word/PDF
-Guide to E-Commerce Setup (updated 4/2009) Word/PDF